Japaneese Men – Women Relatioships

Dear Japaneese People,

According to your demographics your population (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Japan ) is droping fast. If this continues to happen one day I speculate that one day they won’t be any Japaneese people to earth. I know may sound extreme but  one day mey happen. But this is not the main problem. The reason I am saying this and I am sayting into English is because of the video in this link.

According to this video  and wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Japan) what I understand is that Jappaneese people between 30 and 34 do not want to have a relationship. Also according to the video there are stuff such as cuddle cafe or host houses or even hiring a girlfriend, means that you may think that replace what you get from a real relationship but you don’t. Because is not only the cuddle , or hug or going out with someone into a relationship between a man or woman, there is something deeper, a deep emotion an emotion called love.

When you hug your lover you do it because you want to give your emotions you want to give your love. When you marry your husband/wife you marry him/her because you want to reduce her sadness during sad moments and make her happy during happy moments. And this is all gthe «magic» of marriage, when you married means that you have a parner in your life, you have someone to help you and each other to overcome problems of your life. When you love your husband/wife you give your 200% of yourself  (I mean you try the best you can) to help her to overcome his/her problem with the best way, so also your husband/wife do this to you. Also when you love someone the emotions are bidirectional, you not only give or only recieve emothions, you are doing both. And in the end you feel satisfied and you feel complete and not alone.

But when you buy a product they will give the perscent of themselves as long as is profitable, there is no room for real love in buisiness. When you go to a cudle cafe you may get a hug or ear cleaning, but you do not get love. When you buy a love dol is does not change the fact that you got a souless thing, when you have a problem the doll cannot give you encouragement or even support you, In the end  is just a doll.

Also I do not day that in a mariage and in a long term relationship sacrifices are uneeded. But I say and believe the opposite, in a relationship sacrifices are nessesary.  The first of all is that in a marriage is true that gradually you stop to be in love but when your original emotions fade are replaced with even better feelings the feeling of true love. Alaso you may need to sacrifice career, and more other things. Also I want to note in that point that being in love and to love your wife/husband are completely different things.

Also some of you may thing «How can you do that, how can you love for so long someone?». Well during the mariage, when you choose the correct person, you start to love her whole existence and not only based on exterior look. To explain better I will use the example of the «Elementar Gerad» anime that Coud said that he love Ren because she’s Ren, Coud loved her entire Ren’s existence, loved her feeling, her emotions. her weakneses, he loved everything about Ren. That’s what happens when you trully love someone. And these emotions are the «Holy Grail» of your soul. And these emotions worth all the sacrifices mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Also I said above that one day may not be Japaneese people. I want to explain better with an example: Imagine the while Japan is a glass of water and gradually the water starts to evaporate like all liquids. One day, if the evaporation continues, they won’t be any water left at all in the glass. So you need to complete the loss of water by continusly pouring water in to the glass in order to have water in the glass.

So do not be afraid of making children. By making children you give into humanity the next generations of shientists, plummers, electritians, developers, mangakas etc etc. One day the child you gave birth may discover cold fusion and give in to the humanity a solution for energy problems. One day your child may help people to be relieved from hunger or even contribute to worlds culture by making a movie. If you do not give to children a birth how all the above be possible if there is not someone to continue? I alsno I know and aknolidge that the child you gave bith may be a yakuza or a criminal. That’s why it needs guidance. It is a good Idea to have birth a child and then give to adoption if you are not too sure if you are not too sure that you can raise him properly.

In the end I want to note that all the above I said with utmost respect and love during to Japaneese people and I do not try to offend you. If by chance I ofended you or my waqy of saying that was racist I apologize beforehand. I hope to see Japan filed with people who love each other.

Thank yopu very much,




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